God’s freedom is an attribute whereby he does whatever he pleases within the confines of his self-imposed limitations and restrictions.

This attribute is closely related to his will and power. He is not constrained by anything or anyone to himself. He is free to do whatever he wishes to do. There is no person or force that can ever dictate to God what he should/can or should/can not do. He is under no authority or external restraints (cp. Ps. 115:3, Prov. 21:1, Dan. 4:35).

Because God is at perfect liberty, we cannot try to seek any ultimate answers for his creation and its actions other than it has been willed so, consistent with his character. Sometimes we try to figure the reasons why for “such-and-such” God has allowed this or that, etc. Like bringing us into this good, but fallen, earth or offering the possibility of eternal salvation away from and then eventually back on this planet. This is a vain attempt to match wits with our sovereign LORD. The best we can do is surmise that is/was God’s will as to the reason the earth/universe/ ourselves were created and to save sinners through Jesus’ atonement.