Acts 11:19-30 NRSV

The formation of the church in Antioch is an amalgamation of Jews and Greeks (read: Gentiles) believers (vv. 19-21). Upon hearing this “good news,” Barnabas travels from Jerusalem to Antioch and then to Tarsus to fetch Saul (vv. 22-25). Luke remarks this to be the first instance of labeling those assembled in Antioch “Christians” (v. 26).

Prophets traveled from Jerusalem to Antioch (v. 27). The prophet Agabus predicts many worldwide famines, one happens at this time, in this area during the reign of Claudius (41-54 AD) (v. 28). Because of it, those in Antioch send money to those in Judea with Barnabas and Saul obliging as carriers (vv. 29-30).

What we have is a template of typical church business – salvation offered to anyone interested, travel to visit the affected, predicted and fulfilled prophecy, and financial aid sent to those needing it. So it is.