Today’s Reading:  Click Here  –   Psalm 50:1-6; 1 Kings 11:26-40; 2 Corinthians 2:12-17  (to open the scripture links – hover over the highlighted areas, right click, open hyperlink)  

The 2Corinthians passage today brings to mind things like, transformation, renewing, even born again. Why? Because it lead me to remember or think back to my own BC (Before Christ) lifetime. Having grown up unchurched, with a pretty precarious, shameful and untamed young adulthood past, those words fully illustrate and define what transpired when I realized that Jesus was who I needed, faith was what I was missing, and salvation was what I wanted.

Thinking back now, I’m ashamed to say that I was much like Saul who persecuted Christians.  Although I was not out  harming or murdering them, none the less, I did not know or understand their ways, and in my mind, my thoughts and words were not kind.  As vs.15 describes, their peaceful, calm and obedient smell of smells was a like a dreadful and forsaken smell to me.  I could see something good, but did not know how to obtain that. I inwardly mocked their customs and behaviors as a waste of time, and carried on with my own sinful nature as I wandered aimlessly through life. In the beginning, I was in no way, shape or form adequate for such a task, as spoken in vs.16. But God raised me from the miry pits of despair of a dishonorable life ( Psalm 40:1-4 ).  Until, one day, I prayed. I prayed big and I experienced God move in such a way no words can describe.

The life-giving message of the Gospel soon became my framework of living and THIS fragrance of God’s message filled my heart and lungs. Gradually and with much grace, I was transformed from the inside out, and continue today to still be a work in progress.  I remember, as I began to experience something different about me, and seeing things and people around me soon were different too. The renewing of my mind, heart and soul brought new light to my life, and being born again into the grace of God’s love and mercy was a beautiful feeling, to be a NEW Creation, in Christ Jesus.   It was like Holy Water poured over me with an aroma of a sweet perfume that filled my lungs with every breath, as if breathing for the first time. I was LIVING for the first time.

You see, it’s never too late for anyone to halt and do an about-face redirect, letting go of the things that burden and weigh us down and let Jesus take the wheel of our life.  It really is simple.  The hardest part is making that decision. It’s a choice. It’s ours to make.  There’s never a better time than the present to receive the present of God’s amazing gift; His Son, Jesus and experience a relationship like no other.   We acknowledge we are sinners and that we fall short of God’s glory,( Romans 3:21-24 )  but that’s ok, because when we believe that God sent His son Jesus to fix the gap between us and God our Father, and that Jesus died for each and every sin, mine, yours, every ones, we are claimed as His own and we are REDEEMED, just like the beautiful redemptive story of Saul ( Acts 9 ).

Are you ready to Let Go and Let God?  He’s at the door of your heart, just waiting (Revelation 3:20 ). Waiting for YOU.  Feast at the table of the Lord, be no longer a Saul, but a righteous and redeemed Child of the One true King.

Here are a few songs for your spiritual growth and listening pleasure:

‘Holy Water’ by We the Kingdom

‘Less Like Me’ by Zach Williams

‘When Mercy Found Me’ by Rhett Walker  

‘The Table’ by Chris Tomlin


Lord, how amazing is Your love and countless ways that You work in my life. Everyday, I am renewed and set apart from those who do not recognize your sweet aroma. Let me be your hands and feet to bring the work of the Gospel to those much like Saul. Everyday I am grateful for a life transformed, renewed, and redeemed! For this I give you praise and glory. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen.