Job 36-37

Review & Remarks: There are many correct interpretations of the Book of Job, one is not necessarily better than another … Including this one … It is not terribly surprising to find humans complaining to God regarding His justice … Even today … Job’s associates – Zophar, Eliphaz, Bildad & Elihu are simply speculating on the “why?” of Job’s problems … Broadly speaking, sin and suffering are related to one another, but not always … Real world answers to “why?” something happens are rarely straightforward or simple … Unlike glass breaking when it strikes a cement floor … Life can be puzzling (cp. Gen. 18:22-33, Psalm 37, 73, Jer. 12).

This book may be, in part, a transcription of conversations that took place between Job and his associates … I have purposely avoided using the word “friends” because their goal seems more to renounce rather than remedy … This reading (Job 36-37) is Elihu’s commentary on what he has heard … Elihu seems to be a “know it all.”

Elihu’s knowledge is perfect (36:1-4) … God is fair to all, understands all, and attempts to instruct all (36:5-10) … Obedience is related to prosperity (36:11-13), hypocrisy to judgement (36:14-18) … Wealth is not an “end all” (36:19-21) … God instructs by way of power, creation, clouds, rain, thunder, lightening, and food. All are His (36:22-33) … Ancients believed a great deal of God’s revelation was to be found in His creation … Elihu continues is his amazement towards the elements – thunder, lightening, snow, cold winds, and ice (37:1-13) … According to “climate change,” mankind bears some responsibility for these … What are you going to personally do to prevent or at least minimize the next snowstorm? … I, for one, have tired of shoveling! … Job, are you sensitive to your environment (37:14-20)? … To fully appreciate the Almighty is impossible for humankind (37:21-24), that is the finite attempting to comprehend the infinite … It it were possible, what would be the value of the faith of the finite?