Psalm 147:1-11, 20; Proverbs 12:10-21; Galatians 5:2-15

In Psalm 147 we read of the greatness of God, as we encounter the grandeur and wisdom of God. We also read of the Lord’s unfailing love and delight in his people. Throughout the Psalm we can see that we are made to live in praise of our most wonderful God who cares deeply for us.

In the verses in Proverbs 12 we read of the differences between the Righteous, the Wicked, Evildoers, and Fools. The Righteous are caring, honest, and truthful. Relationships matter to them. There are different ways of living and treating others, which we see in this passage.

Then in the Galatians text we see Paul arguing strongly that we are saved by faith and forgiven through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Old Testament circumcision is no longer needed in the church. There is no need to go backwards and depend upon the law to save.

The greatness of God is demonstrated in the grace of the Lord Jesus to us, which we hold onto by faith. This day I encourage you to rest in the greatness of God, seek to respond in gratitude by living the good life of faith, and grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus.

Prayer: Great and wonderful God we give you thanks for your unfailing love and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Help us through your Holy Spirit to grow in our faith and your righteousness and goodness. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.