Revelation 18:11-20

Psalm 62: 5-12

Jeremiah 19: 1-15

Revelation 18:11-20 “Wherever there is idolatry, prostitution, self-glorification, self-sufficiency, pride, complacency, reliance upon luxury and wealth, avoidance of suffering, and violence against life, there is Babylon.” (Expositors Bible Commentary) These verses in Revelation refer to Babylon’s destruction, and many interpretations of Revelation, try to identify the imagery of the ‘city’ as an actual location, ranging from Rome, to Nineveh, to Jerusalem, to Babylon, and many more. The bigger picture is to understand that whatever location, if it is, it will be typified by the above description. The world, in contrast to Christianity, is ready to embrace, and longs for, any political system, or leadership that can give them luxury, no suffering, and leisure. It’s origin, the cost, it’s ultimate results are of no consequence to those that follow this leadership. But when destruction comes, for it’s basic economic model cannot sustain itself, the destruction will be exceedingly swift, and all who embraced it will be mourning, weeping, and devastated by the loss. John has already warned the churches to beware of this deceit and the snares of this system. In todays current condition in America, the vast majority of citizens don’t care where our so-called stimulus money comes from, how it will be paid back, or for that matter, how much is wasted or misdirected as long as they get their share. And it is a world wide condition. The real hope is for ‘someone’ to make my life better, richer, easier, like in the movies.

Psalm 62:5-12

A psalm of David where he starts writing about his pattern of life focused on Jehovah. Verses 1-2 “My soul waits in silence for Elohim only; From Him is my salvation. He only is my my Rock and my salvation, my stronghold, I shall not be moved.” Verse 5 picks up the same theme but now it is a prayer and a desire to continue, “My soul, wait in silence for God only, my hope is from Him. He only is my Rock and my Salvation; I shall not be shaken. On God my salvation and my Glory rest; The Rock of my Strength, my Refuge is in God.” David moves on then to give warning and instruction to his readers, “Trust in Jehovah at all times. Pour out your heart before Him; He is a Refuge for us.”

Continuing in verse 9. “Men of low degree brag without cause, men of rank are prideful without acknowledging God, both have no standing with God, on God’s scale they don’t even begin to move the balance. They are not a part of God’s economy. They both oppress people, and they lie for their own gain, but real Power belongs to Jehovah; and also lovingkindness, O God, You alone repay according to Your economy, which is heavenly, and not of this world.”

Jeremiah 19: 1-15

Jeremiah was ordered by Jehovah to take a clay pot with him and to call some of the Elders and senior Priests together at the Potsherd Gate of the city. He then is to give them stern warning that the path they have chosen is destruction. They have a pattern established in worship of Jehovah as in form only, like a superstition, because they also offer incense, burn offerings, and pour out drink offerings to all the heavenly host, on the rooftops of their own homes. The very first commandment of Jehovah is, “Thou shalt have no other god’s before Me.” How do they think that Jehovah doesn’t see their hypocrisy. Then Jeremiah is to break the clay pot in front of them as a symbol of how Jehovah will break them, and they will be buried in the deserted places, in the waste land like Topheth.

Remember friends, that the economy of this world is temporary at best, Jesus said many times to use the world’s money to bless others, and to never see it as something to be held onto. If you trust government, or money, or yourself, or others to save you, you are mistaken. Jehovah alone is our salvation, through His Son Jesus the Christ, who alone is our true Refuge, and Redeemer. As the Psalmist said,” He alone is my Rock, and my salvation,” and in Psalm 1:3 “Like a tree that is planted by the waters, I shall not be moved.”


In this Psalm David makes a statement of a past tense behavior of his own saying, “My soul waits in silence for Elohim (God) only; from Him is my salvation. He alone is my Rock, (Psalm 61.3 ‘a tower of strength against my enemies,’ my sure foundation, my house that is built upon the rock) and my Salvation, (Psalm 25:5 ‘For You {Jehovah}, are the God of my salvation,’ the one in whom I trust for eternity.) My stronghold, my tower and my fort that can withstand any siege); I cannot be shaken, ( Psalm 1:3 Like a tree that is planted by the water, I shall not be moved.)