Psalm 69

Review & Remarks: David is “up to his neck” in troubles metaphorically – water, mire, and floods (vv. 1-2) … Sobbing, dry throat, failing eyesight are his in waiting for God’s response (v. 3) … He is despised by many (v. 4, cp. Jn. 15:25) … Lord, you know me (vv. 5-6) … Because of my public relationship with You – fasting , sackcloth clothing, I am song for Jerusalem’s drunks (vv. 7-12, cp Jn. 2:17, Rom. 15:3) … I want out (vv. 13-15) … Deal me out!… LORD, listen to me, I have nowhere else to turn (vv. 16-18) … LORD, you’re witness to it all (v. 19), they are treating me horribly (vv. 20-21, cp. Matt. 27:34, 48) … Punish them, consistent with Your righteousness (vv. 22-28, Acts 1:15-20) … To summarize, David expresses God will eventually hear his concerns, and pleas and respond (vv. 29-33) … God will do His part in rebuilding Judah, into making it habitable for generations to come (vv. 34-36) … This is a similar vein to Isaiah 53, something I blogged on for Christmas Day, the Suffering Servant … A reference in my Bible associates Paul’s Rom. 11:9-10 with verses 22-23 … This psalm is classified Imprecatory as it calls for divine vengeance to befall the”enemies” of the writer … Imprecatory calls or prayers have been thought to be inappropriate for Christians to apply … Nevertheless, quite a bit of this psalm is quoted in the New Testament, including from Jesus as indicated above … Make up your own mind in this New Year … For what it’s worth, “making up my mind,” freely, on any matter that matters is not easy, as it comes with responsibility.