Proverbs 3

Review & Remarks: A covenant exists between those whose heart and life has been changed by the Word of God. It gives life to peace, mercy, and truth. Not only is the Word to be remembered, it is kept before the eyes so it cannot be forgotten (vv. 1-4) … Trusting in God is an admission of one’s incomplete knowledge (v. 5) … One who has been humble in their own self-assessment can more easily be YHWH guided (v. 6) … A wisdom driven life denounces self-sufficiency, evil, and fears the LORD, resulting in strong bones and healthy flesh (vv. 7-8) … There’s little doubt Western Civilization has had more fear of the LORD than she currently does … Humanism, that of mankind being the center of earthly life – including the control of weather and climate, has played a part … Certainly, His capabilities have not diminished … The LORD blesses life, with beginning it. Part of blessing is correction. The LORD’s chastisement is to help one grow in wisdom (vv. 9-12) … Wisdom and understanding are to be prized as the most precious of anything, simply nothing compares to them. All that is good is based on understanding and wisdom (vv. 13-20) … We have an invitation to enjoin the LORD in His wisdom (vv. 21-26) … Finally, instructions and good advise are penned on how to be at peace with each other and coincidentally in communion with the LORD (vv. 27-30).