Psalm 148; Isaiah 49:5-15; Matthew 12:46-50

Psalm 148 is an excellent prayer of praise for God, who created all things. All of God’s creation should praise His name for what He has done. There is no one greater than He who brought all things into being. 

Isaiah 49 (v. 5-15) is a foretelling of the coming Messiah and what He will mean to the world. And because of the One who will save us all from sin, we should praise the Lord. But, instead, correctly foretold, Israel rejected the One sent. People will say that God has forsaken them. But how could God, the Father, forget his children? Does a mother forget the children to whom she has given birth? No! And neither would God forget any part of His creation. 

In Matthew 12, Jesus defines who is His family. It’s not just his earthly mother and brothers, but all of those who follow Him. We, as part of The Church, are part of the family of Christ, and therefore of God. 

There will always be those who reject God, but then instead of looking at themselves in the mirror, will blame God for all of their problems. Not everyone will be part of the Family of God. But that’s not because He has left them out or forgotten about them. Rather, it will be because they walked away from the ultimate prize; salvation. As long as we keep our sights set on Him, then He will be there for us. We shouldn’t forget that…ever. 


Heavenly Father, today and always, I pray that my heart and thoughts be open to you and your path set out before me. I pray that I never lose sight of the real prize, which is eternal life and salvation found only in you through Jesus Christ. Amen.