Isaiah 53

Review & Remarks: This section of Isaiah (Isa. 40-56) deals with Israel in exile, due in large measure to their committed sins towards God and one another … This recurring history exists outside of Israel too, both on corporate and individual levels … These exile episodes recur until said sin issues are dealt with, once and for all … To address these sins, God calls out a Servant (v. 11) … This Servant is of lowly status and appearance (vv. 1, 2), one hated and cast aside (v. 3), one acquainted with sadness and difficulties (v. 4) … This is not someone to whom people are drawn to … This despised Servant, seemingly rejected by God, bears our wrongs (v. 5) … On Him, the LORD has laid all the ugliness of our sins (v. 6) … To this, He accepts His death fate silently, without a hint of protest or revolt (vv. 7-9) … Subsequently, God approves, willing this suffering to the Servant (v. 10) … The chapter concludes by summarizing the successful mission of the Servant, that of taking the “sins of many” and interceding for them all (vv. 11-12) … This passage seems more fit for Lent rather than Christmas Day, yet it is what the liturgy has planned for us on this day … It must be that this was the plan for Jesus’ death. Hence the main, but certainly not only, reason for His life … The first day of which is Christmas Day … Merry Christmas!