Zechariah's Song - Dee Brestin Ministries

Luke 1:67-80

This passage is titled Zechariah’s Song, and his song of praise for God for what has transpired and what is also to come. Zechariah and Elizabeth are in their later years of life and have been without children of their own, when an angel came to them to say that Elizabeth would bear a child to be named John, who would pave the way for the coming Messiah. Zechariah did not believe it was possible because of his & Elizabeth’s age. The penalty for his unbelief was that he lost his ability to speak for Elizabeth’s entire pregnancy. Just prior to this passage today, the baby was born, and everyone looked to Zechariah to see what the child’s name would be, and he wrote on a tablet that his name was to be John. At that exact moment, Zechariah’s ability to speak returned immediately. And that’s when what is called Zechariah’s Song came to be. 

It took Zechariah being hit with immediate loss of speech, and to have it return immediately after falling into the faith line, to realize the power of God. Isn’t that how it is with all of us too? Even when God is present right before our very eyes, we still don’t believe sometimes. At times, it takes until much later to realize how God’s hand was involved in an event in our lives. In the time between our faith shortcoming and our realization about what happened, we live in a state of confusion and feeling lost. And then we have that ah-ha moment and realize our mistake. But despite that, God is still there waiting for us to come around and come to the realization that He is still leading us. 

As we are into our last week of Advent, continue to look out for those God moments that we have everyday and be grateful, even when they are things we don’t completely understand. Just like Zechariah couldn’t possibly believe that Elizabeth could bear a child, there are going to be times that just don’t make even close to any sense at all. Just like it didn’t make sense that the Messiah would come in the most humble of ways, and live amongst us as a regular looking man, preaching to forgive our enemies and all sorts of other things that didn’t make sense. As the old saying goes, the Lord works in mysterious ways. But if we keep our eyes open and our hearts open to God, they may not be all that mysterious afterall. 

Merry Christmas to all of you.