Luke 1:39-56

Review & Remarks: Mary pays her cousin Elizabeth a visit in Judah (vv. 39-40) … When Elizabeth hears Mary’s voice, John leaps in her womb, the Holy Spirit fills her (v. 41) … This is an example of Spirit knowing Spirit … It may explain the feeling we Christians have when we see and visit with one another, that of felicity … I personally do miss the felicity I’ve experienced visiting with folk at FPJ during this COVID-19 interruption … Elizabeth expresses wonder for their situation, and gladness in accepting what the Lord has and is doing to and for them (vv. 42-45) … The experience these woman share, that of carrying a child is something I’ll never know … Nor do I care to, actually! … Mary responds with her “Magnificat,” her sayings echo those of Hannah who gave birth to the OT prophet Samuel (1 Sam. 2:1-10) … Expressed is the LORD’s remembrance of the poor and downtrodden to save them, how he has raised the lowly and lowered the proud, sending the rich away empty (vv. 46-53) … He has remembered Israel through His mercy (v. 54) … He has remembered and fulfilled His promises to Abraham (v. 55, cp. Gen. 13:14-18, 15:1-6, 17:6-8, 15-19) … Afterwards, Mary stays with Elizabeth, in the residence of Zacharius for around three months (v. 56) … No doubt some of this time was spent in chitchats only women would appreciate.