Luke 1:26-38

Review & Remarks: To start, the same angel, Gabriel, who announced the birth of John to Zacharias does the same to Mary (vv. 16-28, cp. vv. 11-19) … In the case of the one who would later be known as John the Baptist, the father Zacharias is the focus of attention … In Jesus’ case, the focus is on mother Mary … Mary is a woman of very meager means who is betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter – what we would term a stone mason, from a little village in northern Israel of Galilee … Recall, those in northern Israel are held in contempt by those living in and around Jerusalem, in southern Israel … Gabriel salutes Mary telling her of a coming blessing, Jesus – the Son of the God Most High. To this all, Mary expresses fear (vv. 28-33) … Fear, what human would not be afraid? … Mary confirms her virginity, possibly her unbelief (v. 34) … Unbelief, what human would express perfect faith in this situation? … Gabriel tells Mary in a mysterious way the Holy Spirit will bring Jesus within her (v. 35) … The explanatory note in my Bible says as the Shekinah made itself known previously at various times on behalf of God (cp. Ex. 33:7-11, 1 Kings 8:10-11), so It would again to Mary … Gabriel continues by telling Mary her previously barren elderly relative Elizabeth is now six months pregnant (v. 36) … This was to demonstrate, once again, nothing is impossible with God (v. 37) … Mary’s reply is one of humility – referring to herself as a “maidservant,” and of trust (v. 38) … In spite of her confession of faith, there is little doubt Mary was aware that the fulfillment of said promise could result in suspicion, scandal, and suffering to her personally.