Psalm 7

Review & Remarks: David puts his trust in the LORD, yet he laments his situation, apparently paranoid (vv. 1-2) … Leaders of all ilks typically suffer from some degree of paranoia … Not all of it is justified, some of it most likely is … David conditionally surrenders to his adversaries judgement of, through YHWH (vv. 3-5) … In effect, David claims innocence … He asks the LORD to judge his circumstances and decide for Himself (vv. 6-9), expressing confidence in His verdict (v. 10) … The wicked will face God’s wrath (v. 11) … Additionally, the violent will be judged violently (vv. 12-16) … Therefore, God should be praised for His righteous goodness by way of song (v. 17) … This writing brings to mind the subject of criminal activities … The number of perfectly and completely undetectable crimes are very few … My belief is our perfect LORD shines light on most of the dark criminal activities of people(s), bringing them to account and eventually justice (Ezek. 7:20-27).