Judges 4

Review & Remarks: Israel’s evil has brought them under the control of Jabin, king of Canaan, and his 900 chariots for a period of 20 years (vv. 1-3) … Deborah, a prophetess, heads Israel (vv. 4-5) … She questions Barak regarding the LORD’s command to attack Canaan’s army headed by Sisera. Barak commands an army of 10,000 from the tribes of Jebulun and Naphtali (vv. 6-7) … Barak complies with the LORD’s command to attack under the condition that Deborah accompanies them in the expedition (vv. 8-10) … The armies of Jebulun and Naphtali completely destroy those of Canaan on that day with it’s General Sisera, the only survivor, fleeing the scene (vv. 11-16) … Sisera escapes to a foreigners tent of Jael, a Kenite wife of Heber and distant relative of Moses (vv. 11, 17) … There he sleeps and is killed by way of a tent stake driven through both his temples (vv. 18-21) … His remains are displayed to a pursuing Barak (vv. 22) … God leads Israel in its destruction and conquest of Canaan and it’s king Jabin (vv. 23-24) … God uses a woman, Deborah, to lead a military campaign … Barak endorses her authority by refusing to go without her (vv. 8-10) … Another woman, Jael the Kenite, finishes the job in her execution of Sisera (v. 21) … It would appear YHWH is equally adept at employing women to further His cause as men … It simply depends on the situation.