Joshua 1

Review & Remarks: We come to a new book, Joshua, a book he supposedly authored … That does not mean he didn’t have help … Like celebrities, sports heroes, and politicians, etc. nowadays that pen a book … In either case, the Holy Spirit can still inspire the work … As It can work within each of us, causing us to act, even at the present hour! … Previously, Israel has been wandering and dying in the so called “wilderness” due to their lack of faith for 38 years (Num. 13-20, cp. Deut. 2:14) … After the death of Aaron, Israel becomes more devout towards YHWH and encamps itself on the outskirts of Canaan after conquests and treaties with its surrounding peoples (Num. 21-36) … Moses dies, Joshua assumes leadership over Israel (vv. 1-2) … The extent of the land given them is between the Mediterranean Sea and the Euphrates River (vv. 3-4) … Israel has never come remotely close to possessing said extents … Under Solomon they had their best days … “Land” to ancient peoples meant “life” – it’s resources, it’s grains, it’s animals were clearly appreciated … It’s the same today – that which is on and under the land is how we live … Technology has blurred moderns understanding of this simple truth … YHWH informs Joshua that no group of people will be able to withstand your leading of Israel so long as there is no do departure from the Book of the Law (vv. 5-9, cp. Deut. 31:26) … Joshua alerts his army to prepare for war with the peoples of Canaan, those west of the Jordan River (vv. 10-15) … The officers of the army fully follow Joshua’s command, those who rebel are put to death. Strength and courage are the order of the day ( vv. 16-18) … In effect, Joshua is king of Israel (cp. Josh. 8:35 with 2 Kings 23:1-3) … After the senseless wandering and subsequent loss of life, Israel aligns herself with the LORD and His Word, come what will.