Psalm 119:41-48; Deuteronomy 26:16-27:7 ; Matthew 19:16-22

We read about God’s unfailing love, in Psalm 119, which is fresh and new each and every day. What the Lord commands is good and true. The laws and commands of God, as well as the scriptures are designed to strengthen our hope in the Lord.

On the edge of the Promised land (Deuteronomy passage) Moses speaks to God’s people to prepare them to enter their new land, a land flowing with milk and honey. They are to observe what God commands and remain faithful once they enter the Promised Land. They are also to remember to build an altar and worship the Lord.

Jesus, in the Matthew passage, reminds the rich young ruler that there is life in following what God commands. Eternal life, however, is a matter of grace. The rich young ruler is used to earning and getting what he wants. If he wished to be perfect, he is asked to sell his possessions, give it all to the poor and then follow Jesus. But he went away sad as he was incredibly wealthy.

God is gracious and full of unfailing love. The Lord does not expect us to be perfect. We are called to remember what God wants, remain faithful, worship the Lord, and seek forgiveness when we fall short. In our journey of faith we will discover that there is life in following the way of the Lord, which we see most clearly in Jesus.

Prayer: Lord God, we are grateful for your love and your commands which you give us. Help us to understand that your way of life is what is best. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.