Psalm 90

Deuteronomy 31:14-21

Titus 1: 5-16

Psalm 90 O Jehovah you are the eternal one, as the evolutionists declare the cosmos to be eternal, we who trust in You, Jehovah, understand that You are the eternal one. A day to You, is like a thousand years to mankind. Our life on earth is like the grass of the fields, it grows so quickly then withers and dies. Our twisted ways and secrets sins are ever seen by You. Though we live a mere 70 years and pride ourselves for a long life, You can teach us, O LORD, to value wisdom while here on earth, with a view to eternity. Be our satisfaction, and source of strength while we live in this evil and corrupted world, and may you find pleasure in what we do.

Deuteronomy 31:14-21 Moses is about to die and Joshua, chosen by Jehovah, is about to be commissioned to take Israel into the promised land. Jehovah tells Moses to write a psalm for Israel to remember, Chapter 32, to sustain them in their coming days of rebellion. They are about to enter the promised land, the land of Canaan, that Jehovah is giving them. Yet He knows their hearts. They will turn from Jehovah as soon as they are comfortable and fat. Such is the nature of the flesh. Uncertain and troubled times, or promises of gain are the only thing that holds Israel close to God. Like a child that is extra good just days before a birthday or Christmas, as soon as the gifts come, then bad behavior resumes. Perhaps the Song of Moses will come to mind in times of selfishness and rebellion, if nothing else it’s another record of the works of God.

Titus 1: 5-16 Paul has left Titus on the Island of Crete to teach the new believers, and appoint elders in the new church. They are to be men whose lives are above reproach. No one is to be able to find hidden sins in them, like a selfish nature, or quick temper, or addicted to wine, or money hungry, or looking for trouble, or immoral. Rather they should be known for their hospitality, common sense, love of justice, devotion to Christ, self control, knowledge of the Scriptures, from which they can teach sound truths. To the pure in heart all things are pure, things like money, relations with people, and even wine. To the shallow and unrepentant these same things are desired by them for their own consumption, for ill use, and twisted purposes.

To the alcoholic, the reward for getting through another day is a drink after work. To the salesman, every person he comes into contact with is a possible sale, by any means, nothing more. To the immoral, every person is another opportunity to lust after, or a possible conquest. To the covetous, every purchase is momentary, the need for more is never satisfied. These are all problems of the heart, they can be healed and those yearnings satisfied in Christ. But it’s spiritual, not the will of the flesh. As believers we have all the wealth of Jehovah, all of His strength, all the power, all the love, all the protection, all sufficiency, spiritual gifts, justification, reconciliation, forgiveness, provision, and redemption through His Grace. Grace is an enabling attribute of God that is the means by which He shows us His love. Love endures, Grace enables. It’s free to all who believe, who by faith take the gift.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they have received the Grace of God, and and are becoming complete in Him, not by the will of the flesh, but by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.