Psalms 42

Exodus 18:1-12

Philippians 1: 3-14

Psalms 42 There are those who, on this earth are my enemies. These people have no regard for my well being. They have no concern for my wants, needs, cares, health, comfort, healing, sustenance, mental state, happiness, or future. To them I am an enemy that must be conquered, simply because of Jehovah. Their misguided imaginations have directed them to love destruction and disorder, and the crushing of their enemies, by any means necessary. Their god is ha-satan, (the adversary), the prince of the power of the air. He has deluded them into believing all manner of evil is to be attributed to me. Yet my soul longs, aches for Thee, O Jehovah, like a deer wanting water on a dry, arid day. I remember Your works on my behalf, as I was a leader of those who in procession went to the House of Jehovah. I remember the days of peace which You afforded us, and the joy, and thanksgiving at Your festivals. Yes, I am in despair right now but I remember Your power and Your comfort, and it will return to me, O my Rock that is higher than I.

Exodus 18:1-12 Moses is reunited with his wife, Zeporah, and his sons after he has left them for his mission to Egypt, where Jehovah used him as a deliverer for Israel, to set them free from slavery. At the reunion Moses tells of the mighty works of Jehovah, whom Jethro, his father-in-law has never heard of before, though he himself is the prince of Midian. Jethro bows before Jehovah and marvels at His great works.

Philippians 1:3-14 Paul is in prison in Rome while writing to the church in Philippi. He remembers his time with them and their spiritual growth in their faith in Christ, which includes knowledge, discernment, sincerity, blamelessness, and bearing the fruit of righteousness, which comes through Jesus Christ. Even though Paul is in prison He is flourishing as he is able to withstand the discomfort of his conditions, because of his remembrance of the good things that Jehovah has done, and is currently doing in changing mens lives in his presence. The very men who are guarding Paul are hearing of the works of Jehovah, and seeing his life while he is proclaiming their need for a Savior. The Roman guards are turning to faith in Jesus Christ.

As we see in our own time that ha-satan is working in the lives of many for the destruction of Christianity, we must prepare ourselves spiritually for battle. In Romania, Russia, China, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Christians are being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their faith. It is coming to our country also, and is present in many major cities, in the destruction of our society and soon to be our churches. Religion in general, and Christianity particularly, is soon to be singled out as the cause for all evil in the world. As Kris pointed out in her blog the need for turning to the bible for instruction in this life, I add the need to strengthen ourselves in God’s word for the coming persecution of Christians.