Exodus 15:22-27

Review & Remarks: Previous to this passage, the whole of Israel sings to the LORD for his overthrow and destruction of Pharaoh and his pursuing army under the Red or Reed Sea (vv. 1-13) … Looking forward, YHWH will gift the lands of Philistia, Edom, Moab, and Canaan to Israel by way of His presence (vv. 14-18) … Miriam, Aaron’s sister, directs a celebration in musical instruments, singing, and dance (vv. 20-21) … Quite often, when people want to celebrate, really celebrate, it is led by music … Moses leads Israel from Egypt for 3 days until they arrive at the bitter waters of Marah and grumble about their thirst (vv. 22-24) … Chemically speaking “bitter water” is not potable due presumbably to it’s alkaline or high pH (OH-) nature … Such water has a high amount of dissolved minerals in them – sodium, calcium, magnesium, and the like … Ironically, in the US and Europe, areas with such waters later became resort destinations – French Lick, IN and White Sulphur Springs, VA are examples. These waters were believed to have magical healing powers … Moses voices these water concerns to YHWH who, in turn, instructs him to sweeten the water by casting a particular tree into them (v. 25) … Verse 26 is the basic theology of the OT … Obedience to YHWH will and commandments will prevent the disastrous consequences of disobedience … Like what happened to plague riddled Egyptians (cp. Ex. 7-11) … It’s interesting how humankind dismisses the lessons of history, especially those in the Bible, either through willful ignorance or by a complete reinterpretation of the event to fit the beliefs of the present hour … In other words, if you don’t like what your life looks like, simply change your sunglasses!