Psalm 77, II Kings 2:1-18, Mark 11:20-25 (NIV)

At decisive and difficult moments in life we see that God is at work in our lives.  In Psalm 77 we read of one crying out to God for help. This person was in great distress. Comfort was elusive at first.  Then the Psalmist remembers Gods rescue of Israel, opening a way through the Red Sea just when they need it.  God is still leading his “people like a flock.”  We have a Good Shepherd.

In II Kings 2 we find Elisha in distress because the Lord is going to call Elijah home.  Elijah is like a father to Elisha and now Elisha is grieving and in denial.  He does not want to be separated from his mentor and guide of many years.  Elisha keeps saying, “Yes I know, be quiet,” when he is told that God is going to take his Master.  Elisha cries out to God.  God hears his cry and is present to him and gives him his Spirit.

The Disciple are with Jesus in that decisive final week, we call Holy Week, in Jerusalem.  Although they come into the harsh disbelief and unbelief of the nations leaders, symbolized by the withered fig tree, they are with Jesus.  And they are told to have faith in God, say their prayers in faith, and forgive.

In decisive moments and turbulent times we too can “Have faith in God,” say our prayers, and forgive.  God will hear our prayers and be present to us as we see in the scriptures and have experienced in the past.

Prayer– Saving God, we thank you that you are at work in the world and in our lives, even when we can’t see it, and even when we cry out to you and wonder where you are and what’s going to happen next.  Help us to listen the Lord Jesus and have faith.  We make this prayer in Jesus’ name, the Faithful One, Amen.