Psalm 124

Review & Remarks:  David flatly states the LORD is on the side of Israel in her disputes with its surrounding nations (vv. 1-2) … The question is why?  Why has God sided with Israel? … The “big picture” answer is His need to bring the peoples of the earth to the Savior … The smaller, quieter answer is Israel has in it’s past and present, however flawed, desired a relationship with YHWH … A relationship with God must be on His terms, not humankind’s … The Bible is a record of God’s terms and how well or poorly His precepts have been followed … The peoples surrounding Israel have either had many gods – polytheism/paganism, or worshipped presumbably the same ALLAH altogether differently … Drowning water tells the danger Israel was in versus the armies surrounding her (vv. 3-5) … A helpless feeling, I experience it as a kid, is floundering in the deep end of a Howard Johnson’s swimming pool with a foot cramp … Thankfully my Daddy was there to drag me to the safety of the wall … Israel has been saved from being the food of scavengers – vultures most likely (vv. 6-7) … “Our help is in the name of the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.” (v. 8) … The occasion for which David penned this psalm is not clear … On the other hand, it’s sentiments, from the perspective of one of His followers and experienced God in His or her life, are timeless.