Genesis 40

Review & Remarks:  Previously Joseph has been falsely accused, due to an altercation with Pontifer’s wife, and imprisoned (Gen. 39:13-23) … The King of Egypt puts his personal baker and butler in the same cell with Joseph (vv. 1-4) … In antiquity, dreams were believed to the the vehicle by which the divine communicated with humans (cp. Gen. 31:24, Joel 2:28, Dan. 2, Matt. 1:20, 2:12-13, 27:19) … The easiest secular example of this belief is soothsayer’s assignment to the Roman Emperors, et. al. … Moderns have dismissed this metaphysics, believing dreams the result what one has previously eaten, drank, or smoked … Imagine having the job of a soothsayer? … I wonder if college degrees are offered in soothsaying anymore? … A modern day economist is pretty much statistical soothsaying …  Joseph is asked to interpret the dreams of the baker and butler (vv. 6-8) … The butler dreams of a grape vine having three branches producing fruit, eventually their juice becomes Pharaoh’s drink (vv. 9-11) … Joseph interprets the three branches as three days after which you, Mr. Butler, will be restored to your former position.  Remember me, Joseph, here in the dungeon upon your release (vv. 12-15) … To the chief bakers dream, Joseph states the three baskets on his head signify three days.  Birds eating the baked goods from the top basket tell of your being hanged by with scavenger birds picking at your dead flesh (vv. 16-19) … Three days pass, Pharaoh’s birthday comes (v. 20) … Just as Joseph predicted the butler is employed by Pharaoh once again, the baker hanged (vv. 21-22), with the butler forgetting Joseph in jail (v. 23) … This example is one of God enabling the future to be known through dreams … The dreams right interpretation is guided by those guided by God … In these examples God, through dreams, is preparing those involved for their future – good or ill … Might God be doing the same today? … Are we, here and today, sensitive to this possibility?