Psalm 17:1-7, 15; Isaiah 41:8-10; Romans 9:6-13 (NIV)

There’s an old Hymn, Standing on the Promises and the chorus is,

Standing, standing
Standing on the promises of God my Savior
Standing, standing
I’m standing on the promises of God

These three passages are about promises, the promises of God.

David is running for his life from Saul the current King who is jealous of David’s successes.  David was anointed to be the next King of Israel yet he is on the run lest Saul kill him.  Saul is hunting for David and David hides out.  David had an opportunity to kill Saul and bring this running to an end.  Yet David has respect for the position of King in Israel being chosen by God.  So David waits for God to make him King and does not take matters into his own hands.  David trusts in the promise of God even when it is most difficult to believe.

The passage in Isaiah is about Israel in captivity and it seems impossible that they will return home once again and be a nation. God speaks into this time of disappointment and discouragement.  They are reminded that God has still chosen them and not rejected them.  They must, in faith, even in a dark time, hold onto the promise of God, “I am with you…I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you…”

The Romans passage is the most difficult of the three given the choice of Jacob over Esau part of the passage.  Yet this passage, too, is about the promise of God.  “Children of the promise” connected to Abraham are the ones through whom God’s covenantal presence will be manifested. They are children of faith who like Abraham believed in God’s promise to them.  See Genesis Chapter 12 for Abrahams expression of faith in the Lord. Physical connections are not necessarily faith connections to God.  In each and every generation God is looking for those who believe, who are “children of the promise.”

Think about the promises of God today, such as the one that comes to us through the Lord Jesus, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

Prayer: Wonderful God, Mysterious God, Loving God, Lord of all of your promises, help us to believe in you, your word, and your promises to us.  We make this prayer  Jesus’ name, Amen.