Psalm 139:23-24, Isaiah 44:1-5, Hebrews 2:1-9

In this short passage from Psalm 139, David asks God to know his heart, test him, and lead him to everlasting life. This is a perfect, short prayer that could be prayed several times a day as a way to center ourselves and to remember who is captaining this ship. 

Isaiah 44 reminds us that Israel was God’s chosen people. And God will restore Israel in its time of need, just like the ground and meadows are restored with the rains. God will pour his spirit down on His people, and His people will praise His name. 

Hebrews 2 is a great reminder of why it is so important to pay attention to and remember the Gospel, that is Jesus, and the salvation we have through Him. We once were subjected to the Law of the Prophets and the just punishment doled out by the angels. But now we have Jesus. Now we have a new covenant. Now we are no longer slaves to the law, but instead have eternal salvation by grace through faith in Jesus. Jesus came in the flesh, lived and died a human death, so that we may live. 


I think what ties these three passages together is the fact that we NEED God in our lives. We NEED Jesus in our lives. Apart from Him, we are nothing. But in Him, we can pray (continually), asking Him to know us and lead us to everlasting life. We NEED Him because He has the power to restore us when we falter. We NEED Him, because through him we have salvation. Through Him, we are no longer bound by the laws, but instead have been granted grace. 

With the turbulent times we are currently living in, I think it is important to not lose sight of what, or rather WHO, will get us through it. We are all so quick to take sides. Either you are for my side or you are for their side. There is no common ground. There is no collaboration or compromise. If you are not for us, then you are against us. At this time, as a nation, we really need that short prayer in Psalm 139. We need God to know and open our hearts, and we need to remember that God can restore our nation. We need to remember the grace received through Christ and be gracious to each other. The time for choosing sides needs to end. Sooner rather than later.