Jeremiah 39-45

Review & Commentary:  Jerusalem has fallen to the Chaldeans under the leadership of Nebuchadnezzar (39) … The threats Jeremiah warned of are now reality … Those captured are dealt with one one of three ways (40:1-12) … The willing, able bodied of Judah are enslaved and deported to Babylonia … The heads of their theocratic state, that being the clergy of the temple, are executed … The poor and elderly, including Jeremiah who is given a choice, are left behind in broken Judah … With the destruction of Judah’s social order comes violence and evil (40:13 – 41:18) … A request is made to Jeremiah to hear from YHWH (42:1-6) … He receives a message from God 10 days later (42:7) … Summarizing, the LORD tells those remaining of Judah not to fear the rule of the Chaldeans and DO NOT GO TO EGYPT!(42:9-22) … Quite naturally, a very vulnerable Judah remnant decides to travel to Egypt (43:1-7) … I wonder how often, nowadays, folk take what they believe to be a direct word from God and do just just the opposite? … Along the way, in Talpanhes, Jeremiah receives more from YHWH telling of the doom by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians in conjunction with the Egyptian “fire” gods (43:8-13) … In Egypt, lots of unspoken bad happens to Judah (44:1-12), many die … Many of Judah worship Egypt’s gods, burn incense to them, drink offerings, etc. (44:15-30), more die and suffer … Some suffering is worse than dying … Through it all a few, a remnant, remain faithful to YHWH (44:14, 28) including Baruch, son of Neriah (45) … As it’s always been, a remnant, stay loyal to the LORD … This hope serves as a invitation to one and all.