Numbers 16:1-35

Review:  In Numbers, it is the Levite priests that are authorized to approach God through their corporate holiness (vv. 1-14) … In Deuteronomy, all the people of Israel are called to be holy (Deut. 7:6-11, 28:1-14) … Both can be true at the same time … Every question is not always best addressed with a divisive either/or response … Both/And answers are, at times, best … Korah, a family within the Levites, rebel against Moses’ authority (vv. 15-27, cp. Jude 11) … Korah and family are separated from the rest of Israel and swallowed by the earth (vv. 28-33) … Israel, terrorized by the event, cries to the LORD for mercy (vv. 34-35).

Analysis:  At this time, Israel is a theocracy … Korah’s wrong is wanting to wield authority over all of Israel – to be it’s sovereign leaders, something no one was supposed to do (Heb. 5:1-4) as they were to be directed by God alone … Moses was simply God’s representative, doling out God’s instructions to the masses … For those aware of modern American political theater this is akin to the Logan Act/General Michael Flynn saga … Flynn supposedly negotiated beyond his authority for the US government with Russia … Fortunately for Flynn, there is no evidence that any of what he said to Russia affected anything … Also, fortunate for Flynn and his family, the earth is yet to swallow them for his alleged transgressions.