Today’s Readings:  click here  –  Psalm 93; 2 Kings 2:1-12; Ephesians 2:1-7     (to open the scripture links – hover over, right click, open hyperlink)

Today’s reading of Psalm 93 is very similar to Psalm 91, which I believe has been the beacon of hope for many of us during these past few months.  It’s hard to imagine that we would ever be in these conditions in a world so advanced and powerful as ours.  But Psalm 91 and  93 reminds me just how much more powerful our God is.  And it’s even more astounding to see God work through the hands and hearts of those who love and serve him. We are not strong on our own, but together with God we are mighty. Let Him show us just how much.

2 Kings 2:1-12 passage illustrates the astounding account of the solid bond of friendship between Elijah and Elisha to the very end.  Elisha recognized Elijah’s unwavering faith, strength, perseverance, and determination to serve his God, and Elisha wanted that too.   In verse 9, when asked what Elijah can do for him, he requested ‘a double share of his Spirt over him.’ Of all the things he could ask for, he asks for faith so reverent and unwavering just the same. How beautiful.

 As an adult, in my early days of walking with Christ, it was all so new.  I loved what transformation was stirring inside my heart, and how things around me were taking shape as well.  I would notice a gentle character or a sense of peace in someone that was so subtle yet so strong, I knew that was what I wanted for myself as well. For instance, understanding prayer, how to pray, the power of prayer, it was beyond captivating.  The young gal from my first women’s bible study could pray in such a way that just mesmerized me from head to toe.  It was soft, gentle, reverent, and bold all at the time.  I remember I had prayed, ‘Lord, I want to pray LIKE THAT…’  ‘Live Like That’ by Sidewalk Prophets .

As I look back, I see the people God put in my path through the years that helped me understand and know God’s love, grace and mercy. With my heart so exposed, searching for more than what this world had to offer, prayer became that significant ingredient as I was discovering who I am in Christ Jesus.   2 Corinthians 5:17.   Are you looking for change in your heart, in your life?  Take God at His word and believe in your heart that He will see it through, whatever you ask of Him. Make prayer the greatest part of your day, every day.  

Ephesians 2:1-7 is a beautiful passage about dying to oneself, being ‘Born Again’.  This was something that I didn’t quite understand in the beginning.  I kept hearing and reading scripture about it, but it was never very clear.  Until I experienced Jesus’ love for me first hand. I knew that I had to lay down my old self, let Jesus in, put on my new self, and believe I was changed.  I am a new creation and Jesus lives in me. It was like the layers of an onion being peeled away revealing the ME who God created me to be.  It was so freeing to know a love so real and so strong.  Luke 9:23.  I knew there was no turning back.   Every day, I feel Him with me and there is nothing I can’t do when I make Him first and foremost in every part of my life and put the world behind me.  Believe and trust in His unfailing and unchanging love. Let Him into your heart and see what he has in store for you.

Enjoy these two songs – let them speak to your heart this day.

‘One Step Away’ by Casting Crowns

“Because of Your Love’ by Chris Quilala

Prayer:   Lord, I know that every day I fall short of your glory. I find hope and peace in your very presence in my heart.  Trusting, believing and walking by faith are what align my heart with yours.  Continue to unveil your purpose and plan for me every day.  I welcome you Lord in every part of my life because as I put the world aside and walk with you by my side. I am complete.    AMEN!