Jeremiah 23:1-8

Review & Analysis:  Rulers are criticized for their destruction, scattering, mis-feeding, and general mis-handling of the flock Israel (vv. 1, 2) … Afterwards, the LORD will regather Israel from foreign lands back to Israel (v. 3) … A note in my Bible indicates this as a “final restoration,” is not to be confused with the Judah revival under Nehemiah (cp. Ezra) … The upgrade involves improved rulers from David’s lineage (vv. 4-6, cp. Luke 1:31-33), led by a King … Concluding (vv. 7, 8)  is this promise from our LORD, the regathering of Israel from all of the lands of the earth is a done deal (cp. Acts 15:13-18).

An Aside:  Obviously, my reference materials greatly aid my blogging … I don’t believe all the notes in my conservative “Scofield Bible” or those from my liberal-leaning Ecumenical and Catholic “International Bible Commentary” … My theology isn’t formed by these, only sharpened somewhere between them … I try to be, as much as possible, a fact based person … Nevertheless, most of what I spew are my opinions.

Another Aside:  The delay in this printing has been due, in part, to getting over COVID-19 … My wife and I were evaluated with it a week and a half ago … Sarah was basically through her suffering in 4-5 days … It’s taken me a little longer to get over what is most like a mediocre cold … This COVID crisis is such that the talk about it is far worse than the crisis itself … I realize some are dying from COVID-19 … I further realize some have died previously for reasons far more tragic, that were not termed a “national emergency.,” but really were to the alarm of scarcely anyone.