Today’s Readings:  click here  Psalm 102:1-17;  Proverbs 3:13-18; John 8:31-38                                                       (to open the scripture links – hover over, right click, open hyperlink)

Given the times we are experiencing right now where so much has changed, so many restrictions and limitations are enforced, as well as staggering unanswered questions, cause us to toil to wrap our minds around the circumstances to embrace a peace that surpasses all understanding.   We seem to numb from what is happening around us. Each of us affected, but with varied conditions and circumstances

Psalm 102:1-17 is known as a prayer of the afflicted, one suffering, like us; in a state of being overwhelmed; a call  out, of our complaint before the Lord.  But in our storms and toils we must trust and believe we are not alone and can uncover safe comforts and surroundings through our Lord who saves us, even now.

Proverbs 3:13-18 speaks of the wonderful benefits of God’s corrections for us in pursuit of wisdom.  Here Solomon describes a longing for his son (and each one of us) to seek after wisdom.  In the fear of the Lord, wisdom and understanding are often the result of God’s loving correction for us; an opportunity  for each of us to experience a truly happy life even through the rain and storms that come to pass.  This gain of spiritual wisdom is better than material gain. It imparts the kind of character and training that brings contentment and quality of life that money can’t provide; an inner peace that births a calmness through the trudging waters of life.  Seek God’s wisdom through scripture, prayer, devotions, faith study discussions, and many other Christian resources available to us.  Our dry and weary minds and bodies can be filled and restored in that moment when we trust and believe God’s goodness and seek His faithful wisdom. 

Seeking wisdom from God has a lot to do with discipline; to be still and listen to God’s instruction. This gives us  favor with God, the Holy Spirit and our savior Jesus. .  It is not what we do for the Lord, but listening and obedience to the Lord are the key to His heart, favor and wisdom.  Ask faithfully and humbly with a heart of assurance.  (James  1:5 )

John 8:31-38 passage encourages us to continue in God’s word; God’s truth. It is in this TRUTH that reveals the means in which TRUTH sets us free.  I first believed this passage to be about being truthful. Tell the truth and you are FREE from the bondage and depravity of your lies. As that is true, however, I later discovered what this passage also means.  To be in the WORD, God’s Word, to trust and believe, continually breathing in the abundant breath of life from scripture, THAT is the FREEDOM the passage highlights.  And with that FREEDOM comes peace, contentment, calmness and understanding; all the things long for, especially these days. 

Enjoy this beautiful song for today’s devotion: Wisdom Song by Laura Woodley Osman

Prayer:   Lord, our world is hurting. Your people are crying out and wrestling with faith in this storm of uncertainty.   We need you Lord to fill us with your truth and wisdom as we are still and listen for your direction through reading your faithful word.  Help us to be steadfast in our desire to draw close to you as you paint our canvas of life with your word of TRUTH and WISDOM, through our earnest faithful prayers, now and always. AMEN!