Psalm 134; Exodus 24:1-11; John 21:1-14

When times are tough, it can be challenging to stop and think about the things for which to be thankful. Take right now for example. Millions of people worldwide are fighting covid-19 virus. Jobs have been lost, suspended, or hours have been significantly reduced. We are being asked to not visit the people we love the most. Go out to the store or for a walk, and people seem less friendly as they try to maintain a certain distance. For some people, just seeing everyone in masks can be intimidating. BUT…even through this challenging set of circumstances, there is still plenty of reasons to give thanks to God. 

With that being said, when times are good, and everything seems to be going smoothly, it is also very easy to forget to thank God for those good times. We fall into the habit of just feeling good and not giving God the thanks he deserves for those good times. 

In these three passages today, praise is being given to God. The psalmist is praising God. Moses and the Isaelites are making sacrifices and making burnt offerings to the Lord in thanks for the new covenant they were given in the 10 commandments. And some of the disciples are seeing the resurrected Lord for the third time (significant number of times, huh), and are thankful and honoring their Teacher by obeying his commands. At first they didn’t realize who was giving them orders, but once their nets were filled with fish, they immediately knew who they were talking to. And their excitement and desire to be close to him is very apparent in their reaction. And I’m positive they were thankful. 

As I reflect more on the John passage, literally as I type, the more I am thinking about the times in my life that God was right there with me and I didn’t realize it at first…or for a looooooong time. Just like the disciples didn’t recognize it at first either. So, as things happen on a daily basis, remember to find God in the various moments of life, and to give him thanks for being there for you.