Psalms 134

Proverbs 8:32-9:6

1 Peter 2:1-3

Daniel 6

Psalms 134  “Bless the LORD you night watchers in the House of the LORD.”  Wisdom says it’s good to put locks on your door, and to be prepared for the obvious possibilities of probable calamity.  When we used to do the Joliet Churches United evangelistic tent crusades, we always had a night watchman, someone who stayed at the tent all night to guard against theft and vandalism.  Many people volunteered for the job, some got a little pay, John King spent many a night by himself watching.  It only takes a minute or two for a thief to take advantage. It’s good to acknowledge those who do that job.

Proverbs 8:31 – 9:6  Wisdom is speaking here.  You don’t have to experience touching a hot stove to learn about burning flesh, or falling into a briar patch to learn about thorns.  Other people can tell you about their experience with such things, and if you will, you can be guided by the wisdom of others.  Wisdom has prepared the food, mixed her wine, set her table and sent out the servants to invite all who will come.  Yet some people just have to touch the hot stove in order to learn.  There is also an analogy about an electric fence that is an appropriate example here too.

1 Peter 2:1 – 3   If you have been Born Again, as stated in John 3, and looking forward to the completion of the process, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, at the resurrection when Christ returns, and we are changed from the mortal into immortal, then it makes sense that we should put aside the baggage of this life in the flesh.   Your life should exemplify a spiritual sacrifice acceptable to Jehovah through Jesus Christ.  There is no need for deception and hypocrisy, saying one thing, yet living another, no malice, envy, or slander.  The church in general has a reputation for being hypocritical, because of the hypocrisy of it’s members.  We say we love the world, and desire salvation for all, yet we secretly, and often not so secretly, don’t like a lot of people.  We say we read our Bibles through and through, yet we really don’t study much at all.  We love the 1/2 truth theologies that “God is my co-pilot,” or “God’s got my back,”  yet no one has ever pointed to any scripture that teaches it.  In fact the scripture teaches explicitly that we are His servants, He is our Lord, He is the shepherd we are the sheep, He leads we follow.  This is the wisdom of Jehovah.  This is the Word of God that Peter says we should desire.   Like new born babies desire pure milk, so should we desire only the whole truth, no half baked theologies that allow us to lead, that allow us to harbor hatred, or tell destructive tales about others.

Daniel, in his book chapter 6, after being exiled, and serving now under King Darius, the Mede, is currently under the proclamation of not being able to pray or worship anyone but King Darius.   Daniel is about eighty years old now, and as he goes home, he throws the windows open, kneels down and pray aloud, not in secret, but so all can see, even those who set the trap.  But mostly he wants to be seen by his God, Jehovah, in whom he puts all his trust.  You know the story, he gets arrested and thrown into the lion’s den, it was a true conspiracy set by some men who hated Daniel, but also secretly hated his God. Jehovah then performs a saving act, after Daniel obeys, and closes the mouths of the lions, in his presence, and allows the King and the enemies to see His righteous acts. Daniel could have prayed secretly and silently, and no one would have known. He then could have told everyone, or no one, about how God protected him from the lion’s den. But I doubt the effect would be the same.  God won’t protect you from the lion’s den if you don’t need protecting.

I believe that  we are in the beginning of the end times.  There is no time better than right now to be completely devoted to and consumed by the truth of God’s Word.  Jesus Christ can and will save us in the time of troubles.  We are called to endure to the end, not cowering in fear, but standing strong  in the strength of His might.