Psalm 16

Review & Analysis:  David starts by putting his absolute trust in God, for life itself (vv. 1,2) … It is personal in it’s first person writing – “I,” “My,” etc. directly address God … “Saints,” they are God’s own, are excellent (v. 3) … “Another god,” (v. 4) (there is but one supreme God (cp. 1 Cor. 8:5-6)) has to do with other apparent beings – those mythological, those pagan, those made by human kind hands, and those imagined by the human mind and spirit, to the extent they supplant the one true God in ones pecking order of importance (2 Tim. 3:1-5) … A relationship with God involves “my cup,” “my lot,” “lines, and “night seasons,” – boundaries in other words (vv. 5-8) … Success at anything is done within confines … There is nothing practical with the concept of “limitless freedom” in anything … Boundaries promote gladness (v. 9) as they define the “out of bounds” … Imagine playing basketball on a court with no lines and shooting to many different sized baskets of variable height?! … The ending (vv. 10, 11) expresses confidence in the face of death, come what will, David trusts God … A great deal is said in just 11 verses, just 11.