Ezekiel 33:1-20

Review & Analysis:  The LORD appoints a sentry to oversee and warn, by sounding a figurative (possibly physical?) trumpet, the people of impending danger (vv. 1-3) … Ezekiel is said watchman for Israel as were other prophets (cp. Jer. 6:16-21, Hos. 5:8, Hab. 2:1) … Those deaf to said warnings will suffer deadly consequences (v. 4) … Those heeding to the warnings stay alive (v. 5) … Ezekiel is entrusted with rightfully airing the LORD’s warnings to Israel or suffer deadly consequences himself (vv. 6-9) … Israel admits to their revolt with no remorse or movement towards God (v. 10) … YHWH states flatly He gains no pleasure in punishing anyone for their misdeeds, even the wicked (v. 11) … Regarding activities apart from YHWH – right actions can yield both good and bad results, wrong actions can yield both good and bad results (vv. 12-16) … That’s life as we know it …  To this, Israel accuses God of being unfair (vv. 17-20) … Israel’s concern is her works, her doings, her standard of living and YHWH’s judgement of it all … YHWH’s concern is relational with Israel … Does Israel desire communion or estrangement with God? … The same could be asked of America in these troubled times.