1  Samuel 15:10-21

Ephesians 4: 25-32

Psalms 23


Psalms 23   The LORD is my shepherd.  He leads me, He restores me, He Guides me, for His names sake.  Though death may be all around me, I don’t fear it, for my Shepherd is with me.  He invites me to supper at His table, He greets me at the door and anoints my head with oil.    Mercy and goodness are mine forever, for I will live with Jehovah.

1 Samuel 15: 10-21  A sad day when Israel’s first king is revealed as a liar, and full of pride, and a deceiver.  Jehovah said to destroy Amalek utterly, and King Saul said, “keep the best of the herds for us, along with King Agag.”  Samuel confronts Saul with his sins and then has to listen to his sorry excuses for disobedience.  “I wanted to save the best to offer as sacrifice to God.  I wanted to show God how much I loved Him by building a big offering to Him.  The people made me do it.”   Samuel the prophet said to him, ” Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams.”

Ephesians 4: 25-32   ” Speak truth each one with his neighbor, don’t let the sun go down upon your anger, work for what you want, don’t connive, steal, or cheat for your livelihood.  Don’t speak lies and disparaging words about others, but only words to uplift and promote them.  Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit of God, (who by the way is here with us while Christ is removed from the earth for a little while,) by your sinful desires and actions.  Let no bitterness, wrath, anger, glamour, and malice be associated with your character.  Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other just as Christ did to you.”

I personally hate when I am likened to King Saul, in my sad excuses to myself for sinning.  We all attempt to cover our bad behavior with noble excuses to ourselves, and on occasion to others when found out.  On the road to Jericho, the Priest and the Levite had very valid excuses for passing the wounded man by the roadside.  In their own minds they were completely justified for passing by and not helping.  Yet, Jesus regarded their action as sin, they completely missed the mark of goodness, and kindness.

In todays political climate there is enough hatred out there in the world that we as true believers in Christ don’t have to get involved to the point of engaging in hatred and vile behavior.  Ephesians 5:1-2 “Let the mind of Christ control you, loving one another, forgiving one another, be kind and tender-hearted.  Therefore, be imitators of Jehovah, as beloved children, and walk in love, just as Christ loved you..”