Jeremiah 2:1-13

Review & Analysis:  The section begins with a remembrance of an earlier time (vv. 1-3a), when Israel reciprocated YHWH’s love and care up to the present disunion (v. 3b) … In this light, Israel’s sins are more damming … The LORD recounts the Exodus from Egypt, through the journey’s travails, finally arriving (vv. 4, 6-7) … The sin of idolatry, that of supplanting God with something or someone more vital, has been a continual problem (v. 5) … The ordering of the 10 Commandments (Ex. 20:1-17) was not haphazard … The first (Ex. 20:3), “no other gods before me” is a preamble to the rest … Failure to adhere to #1 most likely leads to further failings down the line … Israel’s leaders – Priests, rulers, and prophets, did not lead as they should have (v. 8) … The LORD charges Israel with abandonment (vv. 9-13) … Sin can be viewed as an illness … For human beings, it is common for one physical ailment to lead to others … So it is with sin.