Today’s Readings:  click here  – Psalm 81 Genesis 24:1-27; 2 John 1:1-13   (to open the scripture links – hover over, right click, open hyperlink)    

Genesis 24:1-27 tells the story of Abraham sending out his servants to find a wife for his son Isaac. The senior servant does not want to disappoint his master so he prays to God  with absolute  confidence  and unwavering assurance to help lead him to find the woman to be Isaac’s wife.  And God answers him clear as day.

 I LOVE when God works that way. It happens more times that I know I can count.   Witnessing God’s steadfast care in situations or answering prayers only confirms His immeasurable and powerful existence  and  boundless love for us.

I didn’t always pray continually. In fact, I didn’t always pray. My walk with Jesus began in my late  30’s.  New friends and church family would pray. We would pray. Things began to change. I remember, someone in our women’s group who prayed with such deliverance, confidence, assurance and fierceness, that I recall saying, ‘I want to pray like THAT’. I wanted to make prayer my first GO-TO.  Often, I would realize , ‘oh wait, I should pray about this.’  Over time, with reverence and supplication, I began to feel  my heart change and a relationship with Jesus take root and prayer began to flow from my heart. 

Trusting God to hear our prayers and work on our  behalf is molded within the  foundation of our  faith.  It is the first step, but never an easy one.  Experiencing answered prayers, big and small, continues to validate His very existence and unconditional love.

When we are faced with challenges, storms in life, uncertainty of our destiny… Pray, and then pray some more. Pray that God will reveal His will for us  in the  situation we are facing and the prayers we are bidding.  Often times, it’s just a matter of our hearts being open to allow God’s love to flow through and praying for God to CHANGE our hearts, change us, is powerful all in itself.  We don’t always see God’s plans unfold in clear sight, or sometimes we do, either way, give thanks and praise that He hears us and is always working on our behalf. . 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Let the power of prayer be our  saving grace and mercy.  God wants to hear from us. He wants to give us our hearts desires according to His will.  Psalm 37:4Prayer is an open and endless conversation with God through our Savior, Jesus. Experience His love that covers us the more we  trust Him  entirely and wholeheartedly . Song: Grace Flows Down

Prayer:   Lord, help me to make prayer my first go-to. In any and all situations, to trust you. Open my heart and eyes to witness your amazing love all around, allowing it to cover me, protect me, change me!   AMEN!