Psalm 29

Review & Analysis:  This Psalm repeats words over and over again, for emphasis apparently … Give to the LORD you “mighty ones,” glory and strength, and your worship (vv. 1-2) … The voice of the LORD is over the waters (v. 3), powerful and full of majesty (v. 4), breaks cedars (v. 5), divides fire (v. 7), shakes the wilderness (v. 8), makes deer doe’s give birth, strips the forest bare, and those in His temple say “Glory” to Him (v. 9) … “The LORD” is enthroned as King forever (v. 10) … “The LORD” strengthens His people and blesses them with peace (v. 11) … Overall, the tenor is one of “shock and awe” regarding YHWH and His capabilities … Something like a thunderstorm … Speaking of which a golfer, like myself, gains the experience of feeling helpless, miles from the clubhouse, amongst a deafening storm of thunder and flashes of lightening … One feels it in the knees the most … Isaiah echos the same sentiments (Isa. 6:1-4) … Reflect on Christ this Lent, His Passion, His Sacrificial Love, for each of us.