Jeremiah 31:7-14 Sirach 24:1-12 Psalm 147:12-20


Psalm 147 & Jeremiah 31: God provides for all circumstances. And for Him, we give thanks and praise for what he provides. 


Sirach 24: Here is a book that I have never heard of or read before. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never read any of the Apocrypha books. At first when I saw the name Sirach, I was thinking it was a type of sauce I can get on my wings. 


The thought of predestination is something that I’ve always struggled with. It is/can be interpreted as “God has already picked or not picked someone to have eternal life in heaven, so why bother trying?” Or, “how can a god who is loving, omniscient & omnipresent just leave some people behind?” But I interpret the idea of predestination as God already knows who is going to choose Him or not choose Him. He knows who will follow Him, and who will follow the ways of the world or another god. 


Reflection: We follow an all knowing and all powerful God who loves us. We have nothing to fear as long as we keep Him in our daily lives.