Psalm 72

Review & Analysis:  A king is installs his son as co-ruler, his equal (v. 1) … The ideal ruler is one who is fully God endorsed and rules in complete order and fairness … This son of the king rightly deals with the poor; the children of the needy (vv. 2-4, 12-14) … His kingship is characterized by a healthy respect for it by all along with complete dominion and control over all of the earth (vv. 5-9) … All the kings and rulers of the nations will serve and answer to him (vv. 10, 11) … His kingship is all encompassing (cp. Isa. 11:3-9) … Prayers will be made to him (v. 15) … His time will be characterized by and abundance for all (v. 16) … The duration of his rule is without end (v. 17) … An ending doxology is expressed by Solomon (vv. 18, 19) … With the final verse (v. 20), the second book of David’s Psalms is complete … The world has never had a ruler like the one described here, not even close … Only the returning Messiah is capable of it … And so we wait … Come Lord Jesus, come.