Today;s Readings: 

click here  – Ecclesiastes 3:1-13, Psalm 8,  Revelations 21:1-6

 God’s timing, a concept most of have a hard time understanding.  It’s really not for us to understand but to be prayerfully seeking His wisdom, guidance and goodness just knowing

Ecc. 3:1‘ There is a right time for everything, and everything on earth will happen at the right time.’

To me, that timing is not my own.  If something seems off kilter and if there’s a need of changing or fixing, and  I’m not quite sure how or what, this is where I try to be mindful of God’s promises to never forsake us,  to step aside, be patient and trust God in the mix.  Is it that simple? Not always, but pretty much when we remember WHO is ultimately in control.  When we are in unwavering bold prayer for God’s mighty hand in a situation going on in our life, He will show us the way.  When I try to do things on my own, I struggle and stumble.  Things don’t happen easily.  I don’t see clearly.  Frustrations set in. Defeat overshadows. Fear and worry take over and God is left waiting to bless me and show me the way, but I’m too busy doing it MY way that I end up worse than when I started.  

When we indeed deem scripture as our Life Manual, reading such as Ecclesiastes we hear the words of King Solomon proclaiming lessons learned to fear God, keep His commandments, as well as be happy in our works and  life.  That each joy, triumph, struggle, battle, fear, worry,  doubt, anxiety, grief, misery, just about anything we face in life, it is all part of God’s great plan for us. In our weakest moments of impatience and suffering, trust that God is ALWAYS in control, when we let Him.  Jesus is with us, and we are eased  through these moments of our lives to glean God’s glory.

There is an extraordinary commentary written by Matthew Henry on Ecc. 3.    Take a peek if you’d like  Matthew Heny Ecclesiastes 3 commentary . There isn’t anything I could ad that isn’t already written there.  Life is short and full of many all kinds of mountains and valley each day.  We should embrace them with confidence in a God, a BIG God who loves us, has big plans for us and has given us his son Jesus to guide us along through whatever comes our way.

Prayer:   Lord, help me to trust you in the big and small, uncertain changes and unfamiliar obstacles that come my way.  Bring clarity that I may see and act as Jesus would, under all circumstances. Lord Jesus, I trust you as my daily source of strength.   AMEN!