Psalm 20
1 Kings 3:5-14
John 8:12-19

Psalm 20 reads like a beautiful prayer over a child. A psalm of David it says and I wonder if it was written for himself, his children, or his people. Maybe all three. In terms of the way today’s reading’s lined up, this beautiful prayer is just before a passage where young King Solomon can ask anything of the Lord and he asks for wisdom.

And he was granted wisdom.

Because it was the right ask. Solomon’s will was aligned with God’s will. He kept a faithful heart. So when he asked, it was granted.

Sometimes we ask for things and our wills aren’t aligned with God’s. And that’s where the “No’s” or “Not Now’s” from God come from. And they can really hurt.

I recognize that hurt and it’s okay for you to recognize it too. See it. Accept it. And go back to the Lord. Ask for a heart that aligns with His and peace in the process.

May you be blessed this morning,