Psalms 148

Isaiah 49:8-23

Matt 18:1-14


In each of these passages from the Scriptures we are told that Jehovah is Great!  Psalm 148 invokes all of creation to praise Jehovah. From the heavens, to the animals, to the trees, to the angels in heaven, all creation, including mankind are to praise Jehovah.  In my classes that I teach at church, I always ask the question, “What has God been doing in your life this week?”  The point being, how aware are you daily of God’s interference in your comings and goings?  He, Jehovah is concerned about you, what you are doing, what you are facing, and what your awareness of Him in your life is.  Do you notice?  If we stop to notice, it’s amazing how involved He is, and worthy of our acknowledgement. The God of all creation cares, He really cares!

Matthew 18:10 reveals that, yes, God cares enough for each of us that He has appointed an angel to each of us for our good, who sees the face of God on our behalf daily.  We are not alone, but have in essence, a guardian who cares for us, appointed by God.

Isaiah 49. 8 is a prophetic statement spoken that is revealed in 2 Corinthians 6:2, by Paul concerning the Grace of God.  Grace is an enabling attribute of God that comes to us in the form of a free gift from God.  Love drew salvations plan, but it was grace that brought it to mankind.  Love initiated the plan of salvation, grace implemented that action.  Ephesians 2.8 “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.”  Grace is a gift of God, and Paul tells us it is the ongoing gift of God.  All the riches of God in the heavenliness are available to us as we need them, all we must do is ask.  Isaiah 49: 8 “Thus says the LORD, ‘In a favorable time I have answered you; And in a day of salvation I have helped You;’ ”  Quoting this passage Paul says it concerns the grace of God, thus continuing the thought that “Now is ‘the favorable time’ and “Now is ‘the day of salvation.’ ”  So the grace of God is always available to us, for it is always “Now.”

Friends, remember, God cares for you, and God provides for you.  Cry out for His help, He loves you more that you can imagine.