Psalm 78, 79, 80

Review & Analysis:  Psalms 78, 79, and 80 are known as metaphorical shepherding psalms … In 78, God is viewed as the One guiding Israel in their Egyptian experience and exit (78:12-20, 40-55) … In 79, Israel decides to be shepherded by God (79:8-13) … Lastly in 80, God is viewed as Israel’s caregiver (80:1-2, 8-11) … Sometime one can only express an experience with God through a metaphor, as it defies a precise description … Knowing human thoughts is not beyond God’s capability (Ps. 94:11, 139, Matt. 9:1-8, 12:24-30, Luke 9:46-48, 11:15-23) … The acceptance and efficacy of God’s influence within an individual thought life is impossible to know … Behind it all is our omniscient God … Human history is complete from His point of view … It is possible he bestowed special insights and wisdom to individuals near the beginning of history and had them written down to benefit all the generations of people that followed them … A prime example were the Hebrews from whom we gained values like laws, literacy, being chosen by God, righteous living, compassion for others, and salvation … Others include the Greeks and Romans for mostly different reasons … It is not beyond God’s purview to use peoples outside of His to help His (Ex. 12:31-36, Isa. 44:28, 45:1, Jer. 27:6, cp. Rom. 9, 2 Tim. 2:20-22) … This approach to the “human race” only seems fair, for the One that started the “race,” for the only One that understands the “race” … What is fair? … God must be fair, regardless of any and all circumstances, else he would not, could not, be God.