Psalm 42;
Zechariah 8:1-17;
Matthew 8:14-17, 28-34

Psalm 42.

First, you have to listen to this. It’s Psalm 42 and it is beautiful:

I listened to a sermon at my sisters church back in June where this was a major part–being satisfied in the Lord. This song was played and I fell in love.

When the psalm was written, Jesus hadn’t come yet. The psalmist cried out that God had forgotten him (remember, the Holy Spirit wasn’t with the people then like He is now) and he was real with God. He was honest, raw, and in pain.

A deer pants for water only when he is desperately in need of it. The psalmist is in so much sorrow that he can’t eat and has been eating his tears. That’s anguish. That is pain.

That is where we find our psalmist.

But hope prevailed.

The song that I posted differs around v. 6 because we have the Holy Spirit. We have received Jesus. We are satisfied and renewed with Jesus.

That being said, we will still be downcast sometimes. We will still be mocked by people who jeer at us and say “where is your God now?” We will face hard times.

And we will keep hoping in the Lord.

We will keep relying on the Lord.

The Lord is our Rock and He is not shaken when we are.

May this song bless you as it’s blessed me.