Psalm 42

Isaiah 29:17-24

Acts 5:12-16

Psalm 42 is a great prayer that I think everyone needs in their lives. God, I long for you. I NEED you in my life. My soul is hurt; broken even. I can’t do this thing called life without you. Have you forgotten about me, God, in my time of greatest need? Ultimately, it ends with saying that I know I can put my trust in you, God, because you are my savior. 

Isaiah 29:17-24 isn’t much different. You get the sense from reading this that up to this point, things haven’t been going great for Israel. Maybe it seems like they can’t get much worse than this. Crops haven’t been all that great. Other people have been mocking Israel. Israel is surrounded by evil. Yet, the reassurance is that the time will come when God will restore hope and bring justice to those who have been trying to tear down Israel. 

The apostles in Acts have been doing things that are so amazing that everyone is trying to get to them for their healing power. Everyone whose eyes were opened to the Gospel realized they could be healed by their belief. They just needed to touch only the shadow of Peter, and the healing power just might come to them. Clearly, the Apostles must have been turning a lot of heads with their healing power that people were thronging to them in this way. 

Just like the writer of Psalm 42, the people of Israel in chapter 29 of Isaiah, and the new believers of Acts 5, we have a lot to look forward to if only we put our hope in the right place. We can hope that we can fix things on our own, or that another person can fix things for us. 

Example: As we head into another election season, we can put our hope in the Republican and Democratic candidates to “fix” the problems in America. 


We can put our hope in God. The one who has the power to restore Israel. The one whose power could make the lame walk and the blind see. The one whose Son overcame death and rose. 

One of those two is more likely to gain results in the end. I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my hope in God.