Psalm 72

Review & Analysis:  The King bestows his kingdom to his son (v. 1, Dan. 7:9-14, Rev. 5:1-10) … He will righteously judge the poor, the terrain, and oppressors (vv. 2-7, 12-14, cp. Isa. 11:1-9) … The emphatic word is “righteousness” … The extent of his reign is from “sea to sea,” “from the river Euphrates to the ends of the earth,” and “all existing wilderness (vv. 8-9) … Everywhere under  the sun (cp. Eccl. 1:9-10) … The kings of the earth will offer him golden gifts and he will be their ruler (v. 10, 15, 17) … Our earth will bountifully supply grain and fruit to all (v. 16) … The closing “doxology” (vv. 18-19) leads to a postscript alluding to the covenant God made with David (2 Sam. 7:8-17, cp. 2 Sam. 23:1-4) … The ideal king would, in theory, bring “shalom” to all the earth … No human is capable of this ideal, only Christ Jesus (cp. Luke 4:16-21, 5:1-11, Jn. 18:33-37, Rev. 19:11-16).