Revelation  He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”                                                      Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

At first I panicked when I sat down to write today’s blog.  I thought, ‘AMEN is AMEN, what more can I say about that?’.  So I thought about it for a bit, prayed about it for a bit, and even researched about it a bit.  I thought for just a moment I could take the SCHOLAR route, but… Nah.

So, in keeping it real, I’ll share this:   What came to mind was in one of my  Facebook prayer chat groups, we recently had a day with  many posted prayer requests.  Each of us were were in need of God’s blessings, graces, mercies, forgiveness, you name, it was needed.   Often, someone will post a very bold and specific prayer in response.   So SPOT-ON, that nothing more needs to be said but  AMEN!!. Like,  I agree!  I second that!  Yes, Lord hear that!!  Yes, I can’t agree more kind of response!!    One friend posted that day, “When we say AMEN we are saying, ‘May what I have prayed come to pass.’”   I had never really given it much thought what my AMEN REALLY was saying.   I know what I thought it meant and why I said it.  But this got me thinking when I used this as I closed in my prayers, I was remembering those word about these prayers coming to pass, or to fruition, to an end, to a beginning… Something… I am trusting that SOMETHING will happen following my AMEN.

In my searching, I discovered that AMEN  is a universal word found throughout the Old and New Testament and spoken customarily by believers. I can be expressed in endless ways, from a soft whisper to a joyous shout!   The word is directly related — in fact, almost identical — to the Hebrew word for “believe” (amam), or faithful.  Thus, it came to mean “sure” or “truly”, an expression of absolute trust and confidence.  In Revelation 3:14  (the letter to the Laodiceans) Jesus Christ is referred to as the AMEN,

Message to Laodicea

“To the angel (divine messenger) of the church in Laodicea writes:

“These are the words of the Amen, the trusted and faithful and true Witness, the Beginning and Origin of God’s creation:…”

When we use the word AMEN with our prayers, it can imply many factors:

That we BELIVE God hears and answers prayers.  We TRUST that God works on our behalf.  It upholds affirmation.  It bears authentic support and honest validation when we pray with and for others.

The image above,  is an  AMEN acronym. A fitting reminder to be intentional  everyday and IN everything as we live our life following Jesus who is our ultimate gateway to our heavenly Father.   The road is sometimes difficult that when we AGREE and trust God,  He MOVES us in the direction of His will and we can END each day trusting in His promises and NEVER doubt His unconditional love for us.

Prayer:   Lord help me to continually pray with boldness, passion and love. To be confident of who I am in Christ Jesus. To believe and witness to Your greatness, my Savior, my Redeemer everlasting.  Let the words of my heart be sweet sweet whispers in your ear. Let my AMEN be an assurance of  my prayers to you to come to pass. In your sweet holy name, Jesus.  AMEN  and AMEN.