Ecclesiastes 11

Review & Analysis:  This opening (vv. 1-6) with it’s casting of bread to a stream of water (v. 1), no knowledge of evil forms (v. 2), variable winds (v. 4,5), and having no idea which seeds(s) will bring a harvest (v. 6) implies variability in all arenas is a fact of life, something we should always bear in mind … We can’t sit idle (cp. Prov. 19:15) and expect manna to fall from the heavens to us in the present age …  Ambition, hard work for better, and risk taking are encouraged to enable God to be glorified by way of them … Light is sweet and pleasant (v. 7) … The purpose of darkness (v. 8) is to enable one to comprehend and appreciate light … Enjoy your youth (vv. 9, 10), I mostly did, realizing old age and death await everyone of us … Therefore, make the best of each hour and each day … It is what God expects … Have a God blessed and memorable Thanksgiving, one and all.