Ecclesiastes 5

Review & Commentary:  What one says and how one says it matters to God (vv. 1-3) … Vows to our LORD (vv. 4-7) need to be strictly adhered to … The state bears responsibility for the oppression of the poor and injustice in its governance (v. 8) … Historically, these matters have been best handled by the Christian Church … Riches and wealth are things to be sought (vv. 9-14) as they are earth provided and endorsed as good by God (Gen. 1) … And yet, they all come with their share of difficulties … “There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it” – Ovid …We came to this world with nothing, we leave it in the same condition (vv. 15-17) … The best way to appreciate this life is to have an appreciation for ones death … “As we are born we die; the end of life is attached to its beginning” – Seneca … The fruits of ones labors (vv. 18-20) are endorsed to be enjoyed by God (cp. Deut. 28-30, Job 42:10-17, Psalm 128:1-4).